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Tele Vue TNVC FoneMate Night Vision Smart Phone Adapter System

Give Your Smart Phone Night Vision/Thermal Capability
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Tele Vue’s excellent FoneMate is a universal Smart Phone Adapter that interfaces with many different optics. Completely adjustable, the FoneMate will accept any smart phone with any protective case (from the ridiculously large, to the thinnest models out there), and lock it into a cradle that mates with other optics. Most smart phone adapters are specifically designed to work with certain phones. But FoneMate is the most rugged and universal solution to adapting your smart phone to other lenses. That’s where TNVC steps in.

Tele Vue and TNVC teamed up to develop the ultimate Smart Phone to Night Vision Adapter System. An exclusive TNVC adapter will interface the FoneMate with any night vision monocular that contains a PVS-14 Eyepiece Assembly (PVS-14, MOD-3B, GT14, Etc), providing perfect alignment for crisp photography and viewing on a digital screen. It will even attach to the popular Trijicon Electro Optic line of thermal imaging systems. This is the first system specifically designed for this application.

Now, you can take incredible night vision photos with ease. No longer will you need an expensive DSLR Camera that must be focused independently of the NVG and provides slightly out of focus images. Your smart phone will automatically focus on the image its camera sees. All you need to do is focus the night vision goggle. The FoneMate Smart Phone Adapter System is the best way to capture night vision images.

There are two packages available.

FoneMate Night Vision Smart Phone Adapter System – Includes the Tele Vue FoneMate + TNVC PVS-14 Eyepiece Adapter. This system is all you need to capture beautiful night vision images on any smart phone.
FoneMate Night Vision Smart Phone Afocal Astronomy Adapter System – Includes Tele Vue FoneMate + TNVC PVS-14 Eyepiece Adapter + Afocal Astronomy Adapter.

The Afocal Astronomy Adapter gives you the ability to attach your FoneMate – equipped night vision monocular to many popular telescope eyepieces for unparalleled star-gazing. Not only will night vision supercharge your telescope’s capability, but you’ll be able to capture it on your smart phone!

This system is available exclusively at TNVC


Tele Vue Optics

Polymer, Aero Space Grade Aluminum

Night Vision Systems with PVS-14 Eyepiece Assembly – PVS-14, MOD-3B, GT14, IR Patrol, REAP-IR, IR Hunter

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