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LazerBrite Multi-Lux Military Lighting Kit

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This contains the LazerBrite multi-lux tactical flashlight. This light has two modular lighting heads that come in low-high-flash modes. The LazerBrite is available in six colors, as well as infrared. The batteries are already loaded, so this LED light is ready for instant use. It is a waterproof light, and is an essential piece of hiking or camping gear, and can be used as a military flashlight as well as a marker light.

This kit includes extra batteries, a long and short glow dome, a short tube, a threaded loop, and a helix attachment loop. The batteries have a ten-year shelf life and the light itself can last continuously for several days. The glow domes can be screwed into the top of the flashlight heads to create an LED lantern. The threaded loop and helix attachment loop can be use to tie the LazerBrite heads to various objects, such as bike handlebars, walking sticks, tree branches, and can even keep it suspended inside a tent.

The LazerBrite is made in the USA, is eco-friendly, and makes a good replacement for glowsticks, lanterns, and more. The LazerBrite is a waterproof light, lightweight and durable, and is perfect for emergency situations, hiking, and for military or law enforcement use.


  • Lightweight | 4.6 oz /¬†130 g
  • Long lasting | 300 hours of bright usable light
  • Can operate for days on one set of batteries
  • Over 1,500 10 minute signals in one package
  • Reduce your load | Replaces multiple chemlights
  • 10 year battery shelf life



  • Patented 360 degree rotational switch
  • Three modes of operation: High, Low and Flash.
  • Waterproof design
  • Versatile modular design
  • Tough polycarbonate housing
  • Available in 6 visible colors including Gen III compatible Infrared
  • Made in USA



  • Emulate chemical lights / glow sticks
  • Operates as a wide angle flash light
  • Create a focused spot
  • Separate into independent lights sources
  • Marking / Landing Zones
  • Area Lighting

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in


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